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Pioneer Women


Our Passion Project

This book is a collection of 50 short stories of Iranian women who have broken grounds in various fields, women who did not take no for an answer and stayed committed to their dreams. This project started by writing stories of Iranian women and sharing them on social media (Telegram and Instagram). Initially, our target audience were young kids. Later, we realized that women and men, in all ages follow our stories. Many parents wrote to us to share how they read our stories to their daughters at bedtime; many teenagers wrote to tell us how much we have inspired them. These stories gave us the energy to plow ahead and eventually we published 50 of our best stories in this volume.

Interesting facts about the book:

– All authors and illustrators are women.

– This project was inspired by The Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls.

Stories Matter

Stories shape our dreams as we listen to them falling asleep as children, and they influence how we live those dreams as we grow up. Like any other country, Iran has been home to many strong women, resilient women who have remained committed to their dreams. As beautiful as the stories of these women are, they have mostly remained untold. This book is an attempt to introduce these women to the new generation to inspire them and facilitate their journey as they pursue their dreams. May the new generation pave numerous paths for others to follow.

Laleh Eskandari
Marzieh Boroomand
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